„Designing a Mobility Intelligence System for Decision-making with Shared Mobility Data“ @ ICT4S 2022

Vom 14.-16- Juni 2022 fand die 8. International Conference on ICT for Sustainability an der Universität Plovdiv statt. Als Reaktion auf die COVID-19-Pandemie wurde die Konferenz in einer Mischform in Plovdiv, Bulgarien, und virtuell abgehalten. Lukas Böhm präsentierte in den „Converstations“ das Paper „Designing a Mobility Intelligence System for Decision-making with Shared Mobility Data“. Das Paper entstand im Forschungsprojekt MIAAS und adressiert die Herausforderung vieler Städte und Kommunen, die Angebote der verschiedenen Shared Mobility-Betreiber informiert zu koordinieren und präsentiert ein prototypisches System sowie seine Evaluation mit Testanwenderinnen und -anwendern.


Shared mobility has the potential to become an important driver for sustainable mobility. However, the rapid growth of services in already congested urban areas presents cities with major challenges. It becomes apparent that cities lack tools to manage mobility across all shared mobility services. We propose a mobility intelligence system for cities to leverage the vast amounts of data generated by shared fleets for decisionmaking. The system is designed to support cities in monitoring, regulating, and optimizing shared mobility. A dashboard provides access to data across all different services. Besides tools for regulating providers, e.g., with no-parking zones, we also provide access to mobility-specific machine learning methods, such as demand prediction. We rely on open source standards for data sharing between cities and providers to facilitate collaboration. The system is designed and implemented as a prototype based on requirements from discussions with cities, public transport agencies, and mobility researchers. As part of the evaluation, eight shared mobility experts tested the system. The results validate the system‘s usability for three task scenarios while also revealing potential for future research and development.