Proceedings of Workshop „Digital Consumption“ at WI 2019

Proceedings of Workshop „Digital Consumption“ at WI 2019

The needs-oriented design and the competent use of information systems play an increasingly important role in modern economic life. This is not only true for companies and their business information systems, which have been a central research area of business informatics for a long time. The diffusion of IT artifacts in society is also leading to a change in consumer practices.

This change opens up new possibilities to support everyday living and household economies of consumers by means of IT. At the same time, this raises new questions that consumer informatics is trying to address.

Researchers from various disciplines therefore addressed questions of digital consumption and digital consumer protection on the first consumer informatics workshop. Thematically, the workshop dealt with the following topics – an overview of the field of consumer informatics, the significance of digital systems for the design and use of consumer information, consumer education and consumer decisions, changes in forms of consumption and prosumption, and the significance of AI from the consumer’s perspective.


Note: Most papers are German only. To provide a better overview about the issues discussed on the workshop, we translated the titles.

An Introduction to Consumer Informatics

Digital Consumer Information, Consumer Education & Consumer Competences

  • Witterhold Katharina und Ullrich Maria: “Digitalisierung von Verbraucherbildung: Impulse aus der Fluchtforschung” (engl.: Digitalisation of Consumer Education: Impulses from Refugee Research)                                                          
  • Michael Schuhen, Minou Askari und Susanne Kollmann: “VID – Verbraucher im Internet der Dinge” (engl.: CIT – Consumers on the Internet of Things)
  • Nadine Gier, Caspar Krampe, Lucia Reisch und Peter Kenning: “Besser statt mehr! Vom Daten-DIY zur ‘Verbraucherinformatik'” (engl.: Better than more! From Data DIY to ‘Consumer Informatics)                                                               
  • Jonathan Kropf, Jörn Lamla, Jan Marco Leimeister, Sarah Oeste-Reiß und Thorsten Weber: “Gestaltung hybrider Entscheidungsarchitekturen zur Förderung kritischer Verbraucherkompetenzen” (engl.: Design of Hybrid Decision Architectures to Promote Critical Consumer Competencies)         

Digital Consumption

AI as an Issue for Consumer Research