New association Lebensmittel-Teilen e.V. founded in Siegen

From end consumer to prosumer: The newly founded Lebensmittel-Teilen e.V. supports community gardens and local production, cooking get-togethers, nutrition education and ensures that food is saved from the garbage can and redistributed.

Food connects people and strengthens relationships with each other and with nature. As a non-profit association, Lebensmittel-Teilen e.V., founded in Siegen, Germany, is committed to sharing food. One of the founding members is consumer and action researcher Philip Engelbutzeder.The organization is dedicated to five core areas in its work:

  • Sustainable food production
  • Food distribution
  • Food rescue
  • Community kitchens
  • Nutrition education

in projects like “Urban Gardeing SIWI” or ” Gemüse sucht ein Zuhause” everybody can participate. The association and the projects thrive on the active contributions of different people. Information to join, donate or become a member can be found here