Talk of Dr. Giulia Ranzini on “Ten things we know about online dating (and a few we don’t)”

Twenty years after the launch of OKCupid and a decade after the facilitation of mobile dating apps, we can say that online dating has permeated our daily lives and society, influencing not only how we meet our potential partners, but also who those significant others are. So it’s time to look back at a decade of research on online dating and individuals and try to answer questions like: have we gotten better at spotting false information on dating profiles? Or: Has Tinder permanently changed our expectations of partners and romantic relationships?

Consumer Informatics invites you to Dr. Giulia Ranzini ‘s talk on the past and future of online dating, titled “Ten things we know about online dating (and a few we don’t).” During her keynote, based on a wealth of research and some personal observations, Dr. Giulia Ranzini will provide an overview of online dating research, what it’s been like, and where it might go next.

Dr. Giulia Ranzini is a social media researcher and scholar in marketing communication and media psychology and Assistant Professor at Vrije University in Amsterdam. The focus of her research is, in a nutshell, on the way technology influences individuals, their relationships and society as a whole. She teaches courses on corporate and interpersonal communication, social media and public relations. In this video, she explains more about her research on online dating platforms:

The talk is free of charge and open for everyone interested in Human AI interaction.

We will meet on July 8. at 4:00 pm CET.

The talk will be held via zoom. To join us, use the link: