Opportunities and Challenges at the Interface of Computer Science and Consumer Sciences

What is Consumer Informatics?

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stevens

“Consumer Informatics is the systematic, methodologically guided investigation and design of information and communication technologies to support the household economies and everyday practices of consumers as well as their appropriation and social embedding.” – Stevens et al. 2019

Prof. Dr. Alexander Boden

“Digital services and products are increasingly affecting everyday consumer life and changing our consumption practices. A holistic understanding of these phenomena not only enables the design of innovative ICT solutions, but also the consideration of indirect effects on issues such as sustainability, inclusion and consumer protection”.


Keynote Talk of Prof. Dr. Paul Coulton on “Designing More-Than-Human Futures”

Contemporary design contexts that contain complex interdependence of human and non-human actants who operate from their own independent perspectives creating the need for More-Than-Human Centred Design. Artificial Intelligence and the[…]

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Talk of Dr. Giulia Ranzini on “Ten things we know about online dating (and a few we don’t)”

Twenty years after the launch of OKCupid and a decade after the facilitation of mobile dating apps, we can say that online dating has permeated our daily lives and society,[…]

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Talk of Dr. Ashley Shew on “A Cyborg Critique of AI Futures”

Consumer Informatics invites you to our last guest lecture in June. In her talk on “A Cyborg Critique of AI Futures”, Dr. Ashley Shew will speak for us about her[…]

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