Opportunities and Challenges at the Interface of Computer Science and Consumer Sciences

What is Consumer Informatics?

“Consumer Informatics is the systematic, methodologically guided investigation and design of information and communication technologies to support the household economies and everyday practices of consumers as well as their appropriation and social embedding.” – Stevens et al. 2019

“Digital services and products are increasingly affecting everyday consumer life and changing our consumption practices. A holistic understanding of these phenomena not only enables the design of innovative ICT solutions, but also the consideration of indirect effects on issues such as sustainability, inclusion and consumer protection”.


Workshop “Studying Technical Mechanisms for Supporting Sharing Communities” @ ECSCW 2020

Background Technology is a key component in the emergence of the commercial sharing economy and community-oriented collaborative economy initiatives. Housing cooperatives, community gardens, food coops, tool libraries, skill swapping arrangements[…]

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Proceedings of Workshop „Digital Consumption“ at WI 2019

The needs-oriented design and the competent use of information systems play an increasingly important role in modern economic life. This is not only true for companies and their business information[…]

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Call for Paper: Workshop “Digital Consumption” at WI 2019

The penetration of IT artefacts into society leads not only to changes in the world of work (“industry 4.0”), but also to a change in private households, for example in[…]

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