What is Consumer Informatics?

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stevens

“Consumer Informatics is the systematic, methodologically guided investigation and design of information and communication technologies to support the household economies and everyday practices of consumers as well as their appropriation and social embedding.” – Stevens et al. 2019

Prof. Dr. Alexander Boden

“Digital services and products are increasingly affecting everyday consumer life and changing our consumption practices. A holistic understanding of these phenomena not only enables the design of innovative ICT solutions, but also the consideration of indirect effects on issues such as sustainability, inclusion and consumer protection”.


New Research: Trust your guts: fostering embodied knowledge and sustainable practices through voice interaction

How can I find out if my food is still fresh? In our design case study, we explore the question of how we could find out with the help of[…]

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New Research: “Explainable product backorder prediction exploiting CNN: Introducing explainable models in businesses”

We have published a new research paper: “Explainable product backorder prediction exploiting CNN: Introducing explainable models in businesses”, by Md Shajalal, Alexander Boden & Gunnar Stevens. Abstract: Due to expected[…]

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ECSCW2022 Panel Discussion on Appropriate Trust in Human-AI Interactions

On June 27, the workshop “Designing Appropriate Trust in Human-AI Interactions” was organized at ECSCW2022 in the beautiful city of Coimbra, Portugal. During this workshop, participants engaged in various activities[…]

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